Monday, May 08, 2006

ROBERT LEVINE, May 8, 2006.

1. Yo Yeah - Black Star, from 'Black Star'

Aw yeah. Hip-hop cred firmly established. Black people are beautiful. That's what Black Star taught me.

Don't worry, the whiteness will arrive soon. In spades.

2. Vine Street - Harry Nilsson, from 'Nilsson Sings Newman'

This is from the 'Nilsson Sings Newman' record, in which Nilsson does Newman the honor, ten tracks over. If Nilsson were still alive, I bet he'd be scoring as many Pixar films as Newman, if not more. Scratch that, Nilsson would score 'em all. Newman's a lucky bastard.

Just last night I was describing the cover of this record as being like a painting of the 'Leave the gun, take the canolis' scene from 'The Godfather,' only with Nilsson in the front seat, and Newman in the back.

Am I wrong?

3. Chocolate - Shudder to Think, from 'Funeral At The Movies'

This is Dischord-era Shudder To Think. Listening to this record is like hearing a band playing in a basement three doors down from your house. Yes, that good.

4. Master and Everyone - Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, from 'Master and Everyone'


5. Come Out and Play - The Offspring, from 'Smash'

Oh Jesus. That sound you just heard is me diving through a plate glass window to escape responsibility for this song being on my iPod. I could tell you how it happened, but it would sound so unbelievably lame and made up. Goddamnit. I have no one to blame but myself.

6. Speedbumps - Luna, from 'Rendezvous'

This is from Luna's last record, which I thought was a nice return to form before they called it quits. However, I would leave this song out when making that case.

7. Crazy Eights - Tapes n' Tapes, from 'The Loon'

Cue the editorial board at Pitchfork, as they scream over each other trying to name all the bands that this band borrows from.

8. I Won't Tell - Tracy Dey, from 'One Kiss Can Lead to Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost and Found'

This is from a box set that Rhino put out last year. It came packaged in a black and white striped hat box, and all the jewel cases were designed to look like compacts. This led to some awkwardness when I presented it as a gift to a male friend. If I'm not mistaken, he burned all the CD's and then re-gifted to a woman. That behavior speaks volumes. Gay volumes.

9. So Long, Marianne - Leonard Cohen, from 'Songs of Leonard Cohen'

I like to think this song is about the benevolent old gypsy whore that took Leonard Cohen's virginity when he was twelve.

10. If We┬╣re in Love - Roisin Murphy, from 'Ruby Blue'

I gonna make an appointment to have sex to this song very soon.


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