Saturday, May 13, 2006


Public Enemy, "Rebel Without a Pause"- This was my theme song from 1988-1991. That was back when I used to rough suckas up, and then after I finished my crew would shout, "Yo, Stayton, bring that beat back!" and I'd beat that sucka a little more.

The Soundtrack of Our Lives, "Into the Next Sun"- If this is the soundtrack to your life, chances are you're disgustingly lame. The first song on this album is an anthemic treat, and the rest is wussified pussrock. This song just made my list of things to do today.

Otis Redding, "New Year's Resolution"- My New Year's resolution was to listen to more Otis. Looks like I'm doing fine. There's a realistic chance that by the time this song's over some Stayton seed will be germinating in some lucky young vixen's womb, but I never kiss and tell….

Dinosaur Jr., "Can't We Move This"- Excuse me for a moment. I have an air guitar solo to perform.

Black Sheep, "To Whom It May Concern"- You know what's not concerning me right now? My hip hop cred. These cats be crazy underrated. Kind of like… a… black… sheep. I still gots the feva fo' the flava.

Billie Holiday, "Don't Explain"- I've got to be honest: I don't think I've ever listened to this song. That needs to change. This song makes me want to start smoking.

DJ Shadow, "The Number Song"- This spin is going best case for me thus far. I may not top this one for months.

Otis Redding, "Mr. Pitiful"- Awwwwwwwwww, hell no! New Year's resolutin', pimpin' and prostitutin'. This is my favorite Otis song, which means it's one of my favorite songs. Period. Or should I say exclamation point? Yes, I should. A ten.

Primus, "Kalamazoo"- Primus sucks!

The Fugees, "Ready or Not"- I don't think you're ready for destiny. Did you know this song samples Enya, and when Enya found out they pilfered her shizzle she was going to sue but then heard the album, liked it and didn't pursue legal action? Foreal. Enya's alright.


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