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THE WEEK OF MAY 14, 2006


Blogger Junk Jackson said...

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Blogger Junk Jackson said...

1. LCD Soundsystem - Too Much Love

As respectable to my indie cred as a mid .200's batting average is to any self-respecting Major League baseball player.

2. Otis Redding - I'm Coming Home

If I could shout like Otis, it's the only way I'd communicate with people.

3. Fugazi - Downed City

This is from 'Red Medicine.' Seminal work. I live in the same neighborhood as Guy from this band. He has a baby now and I see him on the street carrying him in one of those chest holders. Not the most rock n' roll image in the world, but if there's a punk band appropriate for preaching responsibility, this is it. They like to preach, too.

4. Dr. Dooom - Brothers Feel Fly

Dr. Dooom aka Kook Keith aka Dr. Octagon aka Matthew. There's a line here that goes:

I burn you like Teddy Pendergrass...
...and then I tap that ass.

My next blog will be a strict grass roots effort to get this man elected to office somewhere.

5. Spacemen 3 - Suicide (live)

I've never heard this before. It sounds like it's a cover of an old Suicide must be from the free downloads I pick up in order to hear new stuff. It's a stow-away on the list, but I'd let it swab the deck before it got hungry and I'd be forced to throw it overboard.

6. Kohn - Aval

Kohn should have two dots over the o...which is what makes it cool because it's some kind of Northern European-German kind of totally boring thing. This was on a sampler I got from my 'Wire' subscription - it highlights the 2003 Domino Electronic music festival. The Wire loves some pretty irrelevant music. Like, if I move to a socialist country, stop bathing and record albums where I throw my feces at out-of-tune piano strings and then name the songs with Kierkegaard references, I'll get a pretty glowing review from somebody at the Wire. I might also get to open for the jangukastadt avante-orchestra of black turtlenecks and wire-rimmed glasses...yeah, I'm breakin' hearts and climbin' charts.

7. McLusky - Dethink to Survive

This band has some of the best song titles in the business. My favorites include "You Should be Ashamed, Seamus," "Icarus Smicarus," "Slay!" and "Forget About Him, I'm Mint."

8. Modest Mouse - Make Everyone Happy/Mechanical Birds

This is from one of the early albums that were good. This band is now referenced by thirtysomething upwardly mobile young professionals while trying to relate to college kids and convince them their tastes are still fresh...because bands you discover through Volkswagen commercials are just that cool.

9. Jay-Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder

Totally hot...and I've got two hip-hop tracks on one list. Pardon me while I go shave my beard into one of those really thin chin straps.

10. Weird War - Name Names

More or less formerly Scene Creamers, formerly Make-Up, formerly Nation of Ulysses. I always seek this band out live.

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Blogger Dr. Milton von Fünkdoctorspock said...

1. The Replacements, “Seen Your Video”- I never got into Westerberg & Co. but they never slipped to iPod banishment. I associate them with a period of time when the music spectrum was watered down. This song rocks well enough, but it’s mostly instrumental. Ho hum start. 5/10

2. Jonathan Fire Eater, “Make it Precious”- As they named it, so it is: precious. The sing-along-ability of this song is directly proportional to the number of pints you’ve had. Sadly, my tank is empty. My employer’s a real fascist like that. 9/10

3. Cha Cuban, “Cha Cha Cha”- This is part of a treasure chest full of Latin tunage I got from a friend but have yet to listen to. I like this. Nice little string accompaniment. It’s begging me for some hip shakage, and I will oblige. Cha cha cha! 7/10

4. Kaiser Chiefs, “Everyday I Love You Less and Less”- Another ho hum entry that is barely hanging onto its ‘Pod inclusion status, but this song is one of their better ones and thus somewhat tolerable. Barely. 6/10

5. Muse, “Sing for Absolution”- Not afraid to say I like this album a lot for its Entourage-worthy, under-my-skin likability. This one’s not as grabbing as some of their other tracks. 6/10

6. Smashing Pumpkins, “Siva (Live in Chicago, 11/29/00)”- From their last arena concert (until later this year!), a show I was privileged enough to have attended. A perfect song, from my favorite band in the perfect setting. Blistering guitar work. Would be a ten if it wasn’t bootleg quality. 9/10

7. Pearl Jam, “Rival (Live)”- #1 all-time band to have fallen into favor, then out of favor, then back in favor with me. Still, I probably don’t need the three or four live bootlegs I have. 5/10

8. TV Themes, “The Felony Squad”- One of these was bound to come up. Don’t recognize the tune or the show. Where’s “Facts of Life” when I need it? 2/10

9. Gang of Four, “Ether”- Mmm, tasty. 9/10

10. Gang Starr, “She Knows What She Wants”- I feel like I’m getting ganged up on here. Bloodhound Gang on deck? Gang Gang Dance after that? Maybe a gang bang to bring us home. This album has some great, great tracks. This one’s not one of them, though it’s okay with its sexy, jazzy background. 6/10

6.4 average is soft. You can do better, Milty!

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Blogger Jimmy Saffron said...

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Blogger Jimmy Saffron said...

Role Model – Helmet, from “In The Meantime”

Those who know me know I have a special place in my heart for Page Hamilton and his merry band of crew-cutted riff-rockers. I was a huge proponent of Helmet through high school and college, and in reflective moments such as these, it’s curious to me what I found so indelible about their music. And I mean curious. I’d rave about their lyrics, off all things. “Sober and self-reflective. Suffuse with honesty and self-doubt.” These are the things I’d say. About Helmet. I wrote music reviews for my college paper, and when “Aftertaste” arrived with a thud, I filled five columns detailing my disappointment. Still, to this day, I’ll defend “Meantime” and “Betty” as great rock records, particularly the latter. The one time I saw Helmet they opened with “Role Model,” and my ass was indeed blown out. Oh, you don’t care. Maybe that’s why I listened to Helmet so much. I knew I’d be left alone.

You Can’t Win – The Kinks, from “The Kink Kontroversy”

Recently, while sitting in the bleechers at Wrigley Field, I was privy to a conversation about The Kinks and why they never caught on here like their other peers in the British Invasion. One reason suggested what that there were actually banned from playing in the States, which seems crazy in retrospect. That’s why the title of this record is so funny—what could be controversial about The Kinks? They’re so goddamned likeable.

Double Dare – Yo La Tengo, from “Painful”

Yep, there is Yo La Tengo on my iPod. You’ll be surprised to know I’m short, white, educated and wear wire-rimmed glasses.

Kashmere – Kashmere Stage Band from Stone Throw’s “The Funky 16 Corners”

If Batman were black, this would have been the perfect theme song for the 1960’s TV show.

The Road – Tenacious D, from “Tenacious D”

No question, this is lesser D, though it does contain the line, “when I’m munching on a tasty bush/right after the show,” and JB delivers it with such lip-smacking relish, you can almost taste the tasty bush.

Girl on a Wing – The Shins, from “Oh, Inverted World”

A great number from a great summer record forever destined to be co-opted by cynical crap like “Garden State” and “In Good Company.” Yeah, I said it. “Garden State” sucked. Don’t agree? Fuck you. No, seriously, fuck you.

Mr. Richland’s Favorite Song – Harry Nilsson, from “Aerial Ballet”

Also a favorite of John Lennon, this one. The Beatles loved Nilsson. I say that whenever anyone asks me who Nilsson is. I scoff and then take my time telling that story about how The Beatle were asked upon their arrival in the States who their favorite singer and band was and they all said “Nilsson.” That’s who Nilsson is, you fucking jerk. I’ll be leaving now.

Tiny Spark – Brendan Benson, from “Lapalco”

This track has the second highest play count on my iPod, behind The Black Keys’ “Busted.” A day without this song is like a day without sunshine. Listen to it. If you don’t like it, you don’t like sunshine. It’s that simple. You probably also like “Garden State.”

Background Affair – The Chills, from “Soft Bomb”

I’m deeply embarrassed whenever a song from this record comes up. What’s weirder is that the song I like the most on the record also causes me the most shame. It’s called “Sleeping Giants,” and it’s about how all cultures and societies have giants or kings in their mythologies who are asleep but will one day rise up and save mankind from calamity. It’s like an fifth-grade English class, set to song.

In This Temple, As In The Hearts Of Man For Whom He Saved The Earth – Sufjan Stevens, from “Come on Feel the Illinoise!”

Sujfan Steven’s song titles are so long and specific and adorable, until they come up in an iPod shuffle and you’re forced to type them out in their entirety. I mean, seriously, there’s more letters in this title than seconds in the song. Ridiculous.

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