Monday, May 22, 2006

WEEK OF MAY 21, 2006

Guests, post your lists here. Bring the pain. Bring the joy.


Blogger Dr. Milton von Fünkdoctorspock said...

1. Pearl Jam, “Do the Evolution (Live)”- I used to love Pearl Jam. Then I used to dislike Pearl Jam because they got huge and I got snotty. Now I like Pearl Jam, and this song is from the album, Yield, that got me back on the horse. Still, a tepid start. 6/10

2. “Fantasy Island Theme Song”- Jesus. Jesus, lord, now you see why I don’t go to church. Why hast thou forsaken me? Why couldn’t “The A-Team Theme” or “Airhawk” have come up? 100% kitschy, and for that I’m a sucker. I should be ashamed, and I am. 4/10

3. Nouvelle Vaque, “Some Velvet Morning”- This is an excellent Johnny Cash-ish song (complete with June Carter-ish accompaniment) from the excellent How to Kill the DJ (Part 2) collex. Will wow 10/10 dinner parties. 8/10

4. Stephen Malkmus, “Jo Jo’s Jacket”- A fun little Malkmus ditty from his first solo effort, a.k.a. the harsh reality check that confirmed Pavement was gone forever, or at least until the reunion. For my dollar, Malkmus has had a third time’s the charm solo career, and thus his last solo album was his first effort I gave my rare “Reverse Slam Dunkage” rating to. 7/10

5. Stevie Wonder, “I’m Wondering”- Plus ten for the name pun! In case you’ve been living in a cave for all your life, let it be known that Stevie Wonder is wonder-ful. Ha, there it is again. Lovely. 7/10

6. Dizzee Rascal, “Cut ‘Em Off”- I like Dizzee’s voice and this grime sound a lot. It’s so dirty I usually take a bath after listening to it, and sometimes I don’t feel clean after that bath. 7/10

7. Billy Ball and The Upsetters, “Tighten up Tighter”- From the recently acquired Funky 16 Corners compilation, a gift from one of the contributors to this site, which means you know it’s on fire! And it is. Fun and funky. Also, they’re called “The Upsetters,” which is strong. 8/10

8. Bob Dylan, “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall”- I have tons of Dylan on my ‘pod and never listen to any of it. Most of it’s just not down my alley. Sorry, I’m a douche. He’s definitely well worth his rep in every way, shape and form, but… goddamn this song is long. 5/10

9. Danger Mouse, “Public Service Announcement”- Yowza, this album is hotter than white on rice. This guy just saw Jay-Z last night rolling into the Gnarls Barkley show in NYC, and I can assure you the Jiggaman’s ride was nicer than mine. Also, I don’t have a car. 9/10

10. Deerhoof, “Spirit Ditties of No Tone”- One of my five favorite bands making music, and yes, I was disappointed to learn that they’re bassist/guitarist is leaving the group. The unexpected and delightful turns their songs take continue to wow me, and the gee-tar riff in the chorus of this puppy is a prime e.g. Wow! See? I told you. 10/10

I’ll take a 71. Thank God for those last two songs.

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