Thursday, June 29, 2006

Chip Shipley- June 29, 2006

1. David Axelrod- Big B-Plus (David Axelrod)

This is what I play when the crew's on set and we need to get the ladies' juices flowin'. Because time is money people. Time is money.

2. Four Tet- Gary Davis- The Professor's Here (DJ Kicks)

Off his forthcoming DJ Kicks mix album, this track was written by David Axelrod, Jr. Or it should have been anyway. Simply pimpalicious.

3. Amon Tobin- Toys (Permutation)

Toy with me and my emotions, Amon. Dude makes some seriously burly music. I always envisioned him as a huge Nubian bald-headed deity-lookin kind of guy. Curiously, he looks astonishingly weak. Go figure.

4. No Neck Blues Band- The Black Pope (Qvaris)

Not exactly a song you're going to put on a mix. More like a you-have-to-listen-to-the-whole-album kind of track. I have a really long neck.

5. Lula Cortes e ze Ramalho- Nas Paredes da Pedra Encantada (Paebiru)

Brazilian progressive. Ooh la la.

6. Devendra Banhart- At the Hop (Nino Rojo)

I'll bet this guy could start a cult Jim Jones-style. Makes some diabolical hippy music that I (and thirty kabillion other people) am not ashamed to say is pretty hot. This album's better than Rejoicing In the Hands. Yeah, I said it.

7. Entrance- Honey in the Rock (Wandering Stranger)

The Baltimore badass. Seriously, after watching The Wire and going to Baltimore I can't see how this dude lasted five seconds there. By the way, I had sex to this song on Tuesday.

8. The Walkmen- Here Comes Another Day (Split e.p. with Calla)

With an average to shitty name these dudes took the country by storm and developed a good size following of fanboys after playing on the O.C., which I only know because my friend, Dr. Milton Von Funkydoctorlicker, made me watch it. I threw up at my first (The) Walkmen show.

9. John Coltrane- Ascent (The Classic Quartet: The Complete Impulse Studio Recordings)

Proof that if you want to make it, you just absolutely have to rock the H.

10. Wolfgang Voigt- 10'04" (20' to 2000)

Son of Jon Voight and Eva Braun. Wanted to make it on his own so he dropped the 'h'. He now makes some ridiculously cool music and gets to put it on this tasty little Raster Noton series. Delicious.


Blogger Junk Jackson said...

A lesson in obscurity...I also listen to Lula Cortes e ze Ramalho and once set out to do some background research. Googled the mang's name and one of the two hits came back as a link to Chip Shipley's myspace page, giving props to the dude. Lula was working, like, in the Sixties. Here's to keeping the flame lit, Chip. Welcome to muthafuckin' 'In the Mix.' It's been six weeks but you finally accepted your invite.

7:45 PM  
Blogger Dr. Milton von F├╝nkdoctorspock said...

Who the fuck invited this fucking fuck?

But seriously, welcome. Jesus loves you.

10:41 PM  

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