Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Junk Jackson -- JUNE 21, 2006

1. Sam Cooke - Trouble Blues

Sweet mercy.

2. Cole Porter - Be a Clown, featuring Judy Garland and Gene Kelly

OK, so I'm the only straight guy in the world who has this on his iPod. However, the fact that it's here only makes me even more straight, the same way that NFL players hitting each others asses makes them more straight...and the same way that Roman Centurions having sex with each other made them more straight. Somehow.

3. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Lovin' Machine (automator)

I have a feeling that Jon Spencer plays this song using a lit blowtorch instead of a guitar pick. Judah Bauer uses two charred human femurs as drumsticks.

4. Dinosaur Jr. - Blowing It

Dinosaur Jr. used to actually be on the radio. I don't even know what plays on the radio can thank the FCC for whatever it is, though. This is why you should vote.

5. Big Star - The Ballad of El Goodo

Back when English bands like the Rolling Stones were raiding Memphis for their sound, this Memphis band was raiding London.

Honestly, this line sounds like it should be on a sticker that sits below the "Best Value" sticker of this bands greatest hits record at Best Buy. This is a great band, though. I think I once read a line similar to this in one of those nerdy "great obscurish bands" books.

6. Aesop Rock - How to be a Carpenter

I doubt that Jesus ever wrote a song called "How to be a Rap Artist," but he possibly could have built a set of shelves or a table with a similar theme.

7. Black Star - Astronomy (8th Light)

The Black Star is what led the three wise men to a totally krunkin' set of shelves built in the middle of the Sinai desert.

8. Jayhawks - Over my Shoulder

If you have a soul, you'll like this song. If not, there's a Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass album waiting for you in the dollar box at some Goodwill outlet in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Bitch.

9. David Bowie - Warszawa

This is from 'Low,' an album which has surely spawned more discourse than intercourse among college students with huge record collections...which is kind of the ironic thing about David Bowie records.

10. T. Rex - Space Boss

I think my last three shufflelogs have contained T. Rex songs. The fact that my iPod has close to 9,000 songs and so much T. Rex comes up tells you what I really think of them. Band names associated with dinosaurs have a surprisingly good track record on my iPod.


Anonymous The Jake said...

Excited to be here- Go Reid Go-What a cool idea, and way to share music. I do not have a very progressive music collection but no the less here is my shuffle.

1. Soggy Bottom Boys ( Not PFISH-)Gin n Juice.
The Snoop Dogg cover is so awesome. While David Lee Roth is trying to bluegrass old Van Halen Songs, this one beats the heck of his. Hayseed Dixie is band that plays bluegrass songs of rock songs. Worth a listen.
2.Since I Been Loving You-LED
Soulful, Sexy. My memory of this song is going to a Laser show at a planetarium. FAR OUT MAN
3. Solitary Man- Cash
I was walking the line way before the movie. Yeah his super hits are grand, but his last few Albums, his cover songs are so amazing. Check out any of American Recordings.
4. Just as I AM hymn.
I found a CD at the library that was Beloved Hymns. It choral music that really beautiful and peaceful. As a church going man, I get very annoyed by the contemporized music, aka Christian rock. I take traditional for my worship, please.
5. Clampdown-The Clash
kick me in the nuts songs. I love British Angst!
6. This is Where it Ends-Bare naked Ladies.
When BNL was more Canadian than commercial.
7. Drinking and Chatting. Jim Gaffigain. This Indiana native Comic is hilarious. One track from his Last Supper Comedy CD...
Pale Force-
8. Everyday People-Sly and Family Stone.
I am everyday people, yeah yeah! Different Stokes for Different Folks.
I fee so reconciled.
9. Black Magic Woman- Santana
After listening to this song I get this gut feeling of why didn't I pursue an instrument like lead guitar, or percussion.
10. Rock and Roll Music-Chuck Berry
Well how appropriate, to end this blog.

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reid's a monster when it comes to blogging ideas.
1. wheels- gram parsons
-one of the late great hard-boozin, hard-druggin casualties of the late 60s early 70s. gram and his nudie suit turned the Byrds country, turned Keith Richards onto junk, helped write Exile on Main St, started Emmylou Harris' career, cut two brilliant solo records, and died of a drug overdose at 26. it's not country. it's 'cosmic american music.'
2. upgrade- deltron3030
-Dan the automator & del the funky homosapien's weird trip-hip-hop concept album about a post-apocalyptic future world.
3. woman of the ghetto
-lost reggae single from studio one's golden era, no clue who performed it.
4. transfoguration 2 - m. ward
-like lo-fi sufjan stevens, only, you know. better.
5. in the mouth a desert - pavement
-the velvet underground of the 90s
6. you dont send me - belle and sebastian
-twee as fuck, but as with all their later stuff very well put together.
7. pnoom - can
-krautrock meets avant-jazz
8. what is the light- flaming lips
-you know, i'm getting sick of wayne coyne's nasal 'singing.' still pretty great.
9. sherbert head - boards of canada
-the perfect soundtrack to a funeral, or a barbituate binge.
10. opera house - the olivia tremor control
-here we go! leadoff cut from dusk at cubist castle, one of the best records of the 90s. lo-fi acoustic psychedelic rock. not actually the late beatles, but an excellent imitation.


5:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Can - Bel air
Reid, I have you and the feurer to thank for this one.

2. Pale Pacific - If Only She'd Leave Town
I love these guys. Good pop music. Sorry Reid, teeth not included.

3. The Go Find - Over the Edge
Morr music. As usual, good, fun electonic pop.

4. Pedro the Lion - Start Without

5. Vashti Bunyan - Timothy Grub
Vashti Bunyan moved to the English countryside with several barnyard animals. This song reminds me of preschool singalongs. I can smell the patchouli and bong water.

6. Pimsleur French - Lesson 3
umm... you said no mulligans.

7. The Album Leaf - Eastern Glow

8. Palace Music - Work Hard/Play Hard

9. The Go Find - What I Want
I don't know how two songs from the same album ended up here... still good though.

10. The French Kicks - The Falls


9:58 PM  
Blogger DD said...

1. Bloc Party- Helicopter (Weird Science remix ft. Peaches)
Augurs great things. Helicopter is a phenomenal track, although the remix loses some of the song's driving power. The concept of Peaches amuses me.

2. DJ Shadow- Right Thing/GDMFSOB
Early Shadow off the Private Press. Good background music for working (which is good, because I'm nominally working)

3. The Changes- When I Wake
1980s revival pop. One of those bands where you think a google query is impossible to execute, but surprisingly find a fair bit of press.

4. DJ Shadow f/ Turf Talk, Keak Da Sneak, Mistah FAB, Droop-E- 4 Freaks
Not your father's DJ Shadow, nor my favorite. If I want southern-fried bells and whistles, I'll go to David Banner...and I don't. In the Mix, you've made me wonder yet again how random shuffle truly is. I've got only 25 Shadow songs among 4200+ tracks.

5. TV on the Radio- Dirty World
Off their coming album. Like these guys more and more. Wish I'd seen them at Coachella. Interestingly, classified as "Gospel" under genre.

6. The Go! Team- Everyone's a VIP to Someone
I did see these guys at Coachella. Wonderful track.

7. Sam Prekop- C+F
You know when you realize that your cute neighbor in college was into you and you never did anything about it? I haven't listened to this song in over a year and completely regret it. Thank you "In The Mix." Respect the genius of Reid.

8. Enya- River
Want to go snooze now.

9. Comets on Fire- Whiskey River
Have Ryan Stayton to thank for these guys. Reminds me of a drunker, harder version of Kings of Leon, not a bad thing.

10. Ester Drang- Valencia's Dying Dream
Opening arrangements hail such promise but song doesn’t really rise to the occasion.

5:04 PM  
Blogger Dr. Milton von Fünkdoctorspock said...

Cheers, kids! Keep it up.

Comets on Fire is an all-Reid all-the-time call.

And I'm not saying there's a free TV on the Radio show to be viewed in NYC this Friday, but there is a free TV on the Radio show to be viewed in NYC this Friday, not to mention free Jose Gonzales and Seu Jorge Sunday....

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Kate said...

Alright, I'll play along. I'll surely be outted as the nerd that, let's face it, I truly am.

1. Stick in the Mud, Jayhawks, Sound of Lies
2. Over My Shoulder, Jayhawks, Tomorrow the Green Grass
Oh what a nerd! A repeat.
3. Lightbulb, Call and Response, Call and Response
This album makes me feel like I’m in Southern California. That’s a good thing.
4. All Sinks In, The Connells, One Simple Word
Wow, I need to update the collection. I’m still hanging on to the college music (and the college tee shirts).
5. Jack-Ass, Beck, Odelay
6. Joe Bean, Johnny Cash, At Folsom Prison
I’m from Nashville. Back off.
7. Poses, Rufus Wainwright, Poses
So, I have a thing for gay cabaret singers. So sue me.
8. Great Divide, The Cardigans, First Band on the Moon
Good Lord, this is getting embarassing.
9. Spanish Harlem, Aretha Franklin, 50 Greatest Hits
10. Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Israel Kamamawiwa’
No, I don’t know how a Hawaiian guy got the name Israel, but he gives the song a wistful happiness, rather than Judy Garland’s wistful depression, so I’m standing by this one. It’s a good sign-off.

8:50 AM  

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