Friday, June 09, 2006

Junk Jackson, June 9, 2006

1. T. Rex - Lady

The relief I have from seeing a T. Rex song come up on my shufflelog is the same as when your best friend walks you when you face each other on opposing little league teams. You didn't rock him, he didn't strike you out. Friendship saved. A brutally good band, and Marc Bolan's story is incredible. He has a lyric that goes, "I drive a Rolls Royce...because it's good for my voice." Unquestionable.

2. White Stripes -- In the Cold, Cold NIght

Jimmy Saffron already established that Meg has the easiest job in the world, even before selling water to a well or mercy to a nun, but I give her a pass because she manages to pull off the impossible task of being what I like to call "inbred hot." Seriously, she does it quite well, and her singing on this song is kind of sweet. I like the White Stripes, and I have for awhile, but I'd also like to throw out for discussion the possibility that they are the absolute best overrated band ever.

3. Flamin' Groovies - Carol

I described the Flamin' Groovies in another shufflelog. Anyway, the only thing I'm going to add is that during the middle part of this week I flew to Kentucky and toured a series of bourbon distilleries with my dad and another friend. For part of that trip, we listened to this record. We also ended up buying 15 separate bottles of sipping bourbon. Any friend of mine is invited to my place next week to sip whiskey and listen to this record.

4. Thievery Corporation - Interlude

This is a 30 second affair from 'The Richest Man in Babylon.' One of the guys from this band lives next door to me. He just built a fantastic new deck out back and his place is completely rope-a-dope (from what I can see through the windows while walking by, anyway). As little as I listen to them, I'm going to let their presence on my iPod speak for itself and hope that a party invite comes out of it.

5. Johnny Cash - The Long Black Veil

A moment of silence for the man who provides the sweetest alternative to silence. He gave grace to rough things and was a christian who didn't cast stones and a patriot who wasn't a bully.

I memorized these last two things from his obituary in The Atlantic, by the way.

6. Outkast - Intro from 'The Love Below'

I'm getting a lot of intros and interludes on this list. Clutter.

7. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Hey Man

hmmm...the other bloggers on this site also listed JSBX songs this week. But don't worry, we don't coordinate our iPods the way we used to coordinate our outfits in high school. This song has huge drums and is big and trashy. I have a big battle raging in my head whether the best live rock show I've ever seen is JSBX, or the Flaming Lips on their Soft Bulletin tour. I can guarantee that I was drunker at the JSBX show. This is the album where he sings "Take a whiff of my pantleg, baby!" All right, question settled. JSBX is the best.

8. Charles Mingus - Celia

Kind of a boozy, upbeat song from an album I really like (MIngus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus). It's the only time I'll give pass to someone who titles an album after himself five times. Unless, of course, Kool Keith decides to do something like this. Or if Milton Von Dr. EslkdhfsfldjfsdkljfSpock tries it, I'll probably go along with it.

9. Paik - Spanning Time

One of those dirgey rock albums with 9 minute epic songs that are a little too serious. This band probably could have named itself Godspeed You Black Pelican Mogwai. Nobody would have known the difference.

10. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Bed is for Sleeping

This guy is the 101st Airborne of contemporary singer songwriters. Also, I might have just described him using the single most inappropriate comparison ever.


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