Monday, July 03, 2006

Chip Shipley- The Day before the Greatest Day Ever

In honor of America, God, and the good Doktor I've been watching season two of '24' with a fervor I've seldom had. Let's get radical.

1. Yesterday's New Quintet- Directions (Sound Directions: The Funky Side of Life)

I'm going to pretend like this song never came up. The Madlib-(b)er is torch hot, and I've gotten funky (played twister) more than is probably safe to this album, but this song isn't indicative of anything and Jack Bauer says it's wasting his time.

2. Animal Collective- Grass (Feels)

From my favorite album of 2005. And I like to think it was Jack Bauer's favorite, too.

3. Otis Redding- I'm Depending On You (The Definitive Otis Redding)

Jack and Otis wrote this song together about 72 hours ago. We need each other, people. That's the only way we can move on in this post 9/11 world. God bless America.

4. Brian Eno- Golden Hours (Another Green World)

I actually grew to love Eno because of this song, which I thought was called Golden Showers. Oh man, that's something I haven't done for a while. Hey Dr. Von Fjfkdas;hjfkda, get over here.

5. Ilpo Vaisanen- 4'24" (20' to 2000)

I'm giving the F-bomb to Apple on this one. This album came up on my last 'In the Mix'. You know what? I'm not amused. And neither is Jack Bauer. I sent him over to your house, Apple, 30 minutes ago.

6. Albert Ayler- Omega is the Alpha (Live in Greenwich Village)

Was this A squared's sneaky way of telling us he was in a fraternity? That's okay, Al. I love you anyway. Great song. Great album. Great man. Sexy, sexy wife.

7. Beat Happening- Foggy Eyes (Beat Happening)

Jack Bauer just told me that he hates this song. You know what, Jack? I like it. No, I love it. Okay, okay I don't. I'm sorry. Don't hurt me.

8. Cat Power- Fool (You Are Free)

If Jack gets a spare hour after a mission, he's going to listen to this song in a beat up old truck as he drives into the sunset. (Or over the sunset. Toward the sunset. What? How the hell do you say that?)

9. Bill Evans- Autumn Leaves (Portrait in Jazz)

Has anyone seen the cover of the album The Complete Village Vanguard Recordings? Absolutely sick. If anyone knows where I can find a poster of it, let me know. Jack has a direct line to the president, and I'm told he will make it worth your while.

10. Nation of Ulysses- The Kingdom of Heaven Must be Taken by Storm (Plays Pretty for Baby)

Ian Svenonius was once shown to have helped in the vandalizing of stores during the Cinco de Mayo riots in D.C. Ian was fortunate that it was a low priority for Jack. He was in hour 7 of protecting the citizens of Mishawaka from a crazed flasher. Jack says, "You were lucky, Ian. You were lucky."

I'm naked. I've got a Bud in one hand and a sparkler in the other. Yes kids, I'm proud to be an American (and you should be too).


Blogger Junk Jackson said...

I'd invite Jack Bauer to do a shufflelog if he had anything on his iPod other than the "America, Fuck Yeah" song from Team America.

And you know what else I have to say about Ja....................

(End Communication Protocol)

7:11 AM  

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