Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Junk Jackson, July 12, 2006

1. Lucienne Delyle - Embrasse - Moi Cheri, from 'Paris After Dark.'

Back in the mid-1940's, Lucienne had a guest appearance on The OC with this cabaret song. True to form, that Seth kid with the jewfro still did a schleppy Woody Allen impersonation. In the episode, the blond kid who looks like a young Russel Crowe toyed with the notion of joining the Hitler Youth, an act which would have strained his relationship with Seth, that skinny kid with the jewfro.

2. The Clean - Psychedelic Ranger, from the Complete Anthology

In the very early 1980's, when this song was first released down in New Zealand, the maternity ward in a Brooklyn hospital was mysteriously filled with a tidal wave of cum, sending 12 nurses to their gruesome demise. Twenty years later, when this anthology was released, the editorial board at Pitchfork realized they all had been born at the same time in the same hospital.

3. Captain Beefheart - Hobo Chang Ba, from 'Trout Mask Replica.'

Captain B's gotta be laughing all the way to the fucking bank.

4. Bob Dylan - Ballad of a Thin Man, from 'Highway 61 Revisited.'

I think this is one of those songs Bob did when he was, like, barely old enough to buy alcohol. It also reminds me of how Alexander the Great conquered half the world when he was about 18. However, at the age of 28 I have helped establish an important blog which reveals subtle truths about modern music and the editorial board at Pitchfork.

5. Consonant - The Kiss, from the self-titled album

The rest of the A-Team and myself would listen to this while running from the Colonel. B.A. would always be like, "I pity the Consonant Jibba Jabba Pity Foos Consonant Jibba Jabba," but we all understood what he meant because he didn't like to fly. You see, the A-Team was made up of a bunch of former Vietnam-era commandos. Consonant is a band made up of former members of Mission of Burma. The producers of the show made sure that every episode was laden with multiple layers of meaning...and then Amy came along, ruining just about everything.

6. T. Rex - Consuela, from 'Prophets, Seers and Sages'

75% of my shufflelogs contain T. Rex songs. 75% of the human body is nothing more than water.

7. Dinosaur Jr. - Poledo, from 'You're Living All Over Me'

Great Caesars Shuffle! My last shufflelog with a T. Rex song also had a Dino Jr. song. Science has been rewritten!!! Those bitches traveled in packs!

8. Miles Davis - Spring Suites, from 'Miles Ahead.'

I once heard that in the 1970's Miles Davis was attending a society party where he was approached by a fusty old WASP woman who politely asked him why he had been invited. He told her, "Oh, I changed the face of music three or four times. What did you do?"

I then cupped my hand over my lip and said, "daaaaaaamn."

9. Wilderness - Your Hands, from the self-titled album

If you like Wilderness, you'll love Les Savy Fav.

10. Out Hud - The Song so Good They Named it Twice. The Song so Good They Named it Twice, from 'Never Let Us Speak of it Again.'

Oh! Check out the delicious postpunk irony of that song title! Oddly enough, the song lives up to it. Pitchfork gave it an almost perfect score of 9.boner.


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