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Line 'em up and knock 'em down, shufflahs.

iPod Fun Fact:

The first iPod was created in 1956 by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). It weighed 17 tons, filled an entire gymnasium-sized room, and only held one song.

The name of that song? Thriller, which was being created by DARPA to help fight the Cold War. It was deployed 27 years later.

Here's a picture of that first iPod:

(Image Declassified on November 12, 1992)


Blogger M Beran said...

1. Sleater-Kinney - The Fox
I think this is my 3rd time in a row having a Sleater-Kinney track show up here. What gives? I only have one freakin' album of there's, and I'm not even a huge fan! I like them, sure, but they're too punk for my tastes. /shrug, whatever.

2. Built to Spill - Kicked It In the Sun
I don't really have much to say about this. I like B2S, but I haven't really "absorbed" them.

3. Ryan Adams - Please Do Not Let Me Go
Love is Hell is one of the most depressing albums I've ever listened to: "True love ain't that hard to find / not that you'll ever know. / Would you lay here for a while? / Please do not let me go." I don't listen to him very often anymore - I have to want to be really depressed (or really drunk, or a combonation of the two) to drag the album out.

4. The Walkmen - No Christmas While I'm Talking
I like these guys. I don't have their newest album, but they have a great rock sound. I appreciate them much more now that I've listened to their album as a whole, rather than just having The Rat. This track is slower, more subdued, but teeming with an energy just ready to burst forth. Almost a crescendo without that final umpf. But in a good way.

5. Dashboard Confessional - Living In Your Letters
Well, here it is, finally. I was lucky the past three times, escaping these guys.
Without going into semantics, I relate Dashboard as being like my first girlfriend. They were the first band I ever truly fell in love with, one that I connected with so deeply (it pains me to type these words, but they're true), one that I related to, could understand, knew everything about and just generally loved. And while I've moved on, as I've moved on from my first girlfriend, had other bands that I've loved, as I've had other girls I've loved, you never quite forget your first love. So that's what Dashboard is like to me.

6. Dane Cook - Head
Haha. I can't believe I left this album on here. "We always have to watch. If you got like a lotta hair we fuckin' turn into Vidal Sassoon all of a sudden. We got like scrunchies and hairclips comin' outta nowhere... Banana clips, hair spray... Kkkrsssssssssshhhhhhhhhrrrrt!"

7. Roger Waters - Too Much Rope
Off a great album - his best solo work. A critic once said that Amused to Death was on par with Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall. I tend to agree. While not as scathing as Animals, and not as forlorn as The Final Cut, A2D still has that social commentary and disdain on it. "Give any one species too much rops / and they'll fuck it up."

8. Evan Middlesworth - Get It
I think I explained Evan on one of my other replies... Former classmate of mine in theatre at Purdue. He was a sound engineer and designer. This song is from the album he wrote and performed for our Festival of Plays one year. I thought his music was really good, so I asked him for a copy of the album. I listen to it pretty regularly.

9. Counting Crows - American Girls
I went through a Counting Crows phase about two years ago where they were all I listened to for a month or so. This is a remnant from that phase. I like them, but that's about the extent of my interest nowadays.

10. Tapes n' Tapes - Just Drums
I like these guys. They're new, they're hip, they rock pretty nicely, I like their sound... I hope they're as good live as they are on their album. I'm seeing them at Pitchfork Media Fest next weekend. Should be a good time.

12:59 PM  
Blogger Dr. Milton von F├╝nkdoctorspock said...

Beranius- If you see one act at the Pitchfork Fest make it the comedic stylings of Todd Barry. Crapping you negative my man will deliver. You should drop a comment here next week summarizing the Fest. Wish I could be there. Will be at Lollapalooza. Giddyup.

1:37 PM  
Blogger M Beran said...

Todd Barry, eh? I'll see if I can catch him.

I think I may be going to Lollapalooza as well, but as a beer vendor, not necessarily as an attendee. Hey, I get free beer and free admittance, I just have to work.

12:27 PM  

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