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Junk Jackson -- August 4, 2006

Junk Jackson has been an entertainment professional for over 30 years, and has dozens of hit films and songs to his name. Due to parole issues, he's been writing under a pseudonym, but with this shufflelog we welcome him back. His profile has been updated accordingly.

1. The Clash -- "London's Burning," from The Clash

The ability to make angst seem so good spirited. This band was going to name itself "The Junk," but then found that Junk had already copyrighted the name. Ain't no stealin' from the junkyard, fools.

2. The New York Dolls -- "Pills," from New York Dolls

Junk covered this song for a 1978 film titled Fussy Bitch. Paul Schrader directed the script, written by Junk's cousin Jamesons. The soundtrack hit big in Germany the year after that, and Junk made enough bank to fund an apparel line that sold pretty well in Greece during the early eighties.

3. Cap 'n Jazz -- "Puddle Splashes," from Analphabetapolythology

Believe it or not, Junk actually gets down to the early emo...somethin' about seeing all those white boys cry.

4. Cinematic Orchestra -- "All Things to All Men", featuring Roots Manuva, from Every Day

Every year Roots and Junk rent an Ottoman-era Villa in Turkey, where they're both relatively unknown, and use the time to get back into their own skins. You know, sometimes Junk's just gotta sit before it can appreciate. Junk Jackson ain't no antique, though.

5. Amon Tobin -- "Four Ton Mantis," from Supermodified

Junk once reviewed this album for Pitchfork, saying it had a good strong helping of goddamn! in it.

6. Mr. Nogatco -- "No Heads at All," from Nogatco Rd.

AKA Kool Keith, Dr. Octagon, Matthew, Dr. Dooom. There's a verse on here that goes something like:

Fuck Michael Douglas!
Tell him to invade China...
Consumer Reports loves Jetta...
Our crew's comin' to Getcha.

But it somehow manages to rhyme, even with that weird China line. The Drudge Report claims the government has assembled a team of English professors and physicists to look into the matter. Also, leaked intelligence reports confirm that Michael Douglas is currently shopping for a Condo on one of those manmade islands off the coast of Dubai...not planning to invade China.

7. Reflection Eternal -- "Fortified Live," from Soundbombing I

The name sounds less like a rap duo comprised of Mos Def and Talib Kweli, which it is, and more like a mid-80's New Age ensemble which released a ton of albums with nature pictures on the cover. Like this:

Or maybe this:

8. Evergreen -- "Fairlane," from Evergreen

Punk music is about rights, am I right? Junk needs to get something off his chest right here and now...didn't our pioneer forebears create the Second Amendment because the lawless frontier needed order kept by lone heroes making law with their own grit? PBS did a 1987 documentary about Junk's plight titled The Junk Drawer. Didn't convince the fuckin' jury, though.

9. Gnarls Barkley -- "The Last Time," from St. Elsewhere

I recently read that Charles Barkley is running for governor of Alabama once he fills the residency requirement. You know, old Junk can't run for President due to some past legal issues, but I think Lieutenant Governor of a junky state is right up his alley.

10. Charlie Parker -- "April in Paris," from Charlie Parker with Strings

One of Junk's first projects was a French film about a chef in Paris learning the joys of cooking...real cooking, and it featured this wonderful song as the theme. Unfortunately, the film's title, A Taste of Junk, didn't translate very well for the American market.


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in yr extensive travels throughout the funky known universe, did you ever encounter my grandmother, secretia lawrenson? she wore opalescent sweatsuits. sang croaking takes on pop standards, and was well-known on the poconos resort circuit.

i think you guys would get along. is there a mrs. junk? secretia is four times a widow, so she's no stranger to loving a man.

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