Saturday, September 23, 2006

Junk Jackson -- September 23, 2006

1. Bright Eyes -- "You Will. You? Will. You," from Lifted

A picture is worth 1,000 words...1,000 pretentious, silly words. Here it is:

2. John Baker -- "Chino," from Music from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

"BBC Radiophonic Workshop" was codespeak for a Top-Secret 1960's Collaboration between the CIA and MI6 to stall Soviet influence in Central America, which was creating static for the Brits among the remnants of its colony in Belize...and was a little too close to America's back door for the Yanks' comfort.

"Chino" was the moniker for an operation neutralizing an arms dealers who sold one too many "bananas" to the Reds.

"John Baker" is the nom de guerre of the agent who conducted this whole symphony. He has yet to come in from the Cold. Here's his last known picture (image declassified 23 February 1991):

3. Nirvana -- "Polly," from Nevermind

Every month I Google myself and see what's out there. Previously on this blog I made some innocent jokes about Bette Midler. Well, it turns out the official Bette Midler fan site is a monsterbeast of 1984-like dimensions. It cached my name and comes up when I google my own name. No joke. It has in essence become part of my identity. Just because I made one simple joke...In fact, this post will probably get my name cached a second time...drawing me even closer to those giant, heaving Bette Midler's of hers.

The same kind of thing happened with Nirvana, but with pop culture instead of Ms. Bette. That's why this song resonates.

Oh! Please forgive me Bette, and spare me from yon merciless wrath!

4. Sam Cooke -- "Fool's Paradise," from Night Beat

The Holy Trinity of Truth...

5. LL Cool J -- "Droppin' Em," from Walking With a Panther

I flip Rhymes like an acrobat
And avoid combat like a diplomat

Man, I really want the old LL to come back. I've asked before what he's now up to. There was the swirl of UPN-show-Deep-Blue-Seaness...and I suppose a looming line of clothing. LL Cool Bean.

Which I guarantee will find its niche market.


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