Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dr. Milton von Fünkdoctorspock, June 8, 2006

1. Beck, "Sing it Again"- Which one-hit-wonder-turned-multi-hit-wonderful was a bigger surprise, Beck or Radiohead? The 'head for my $, but not by much. I remember turning the corner very slowly with Beck, scared to commit myself to this wiry "Loser" and cost myself some of my precious teenage cred. Fortunately, in the end, it worked out for everyone.

2. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, "Do You Wanna Get Heavy?"- The Blues is number one. In New York. In L.A. In Chicago. And in my heart.

3. The Jackson 5, "Never Can Say Goodbye"- Is this a love song? Aren't they all ten-years-old? This explains so much….

4. Built to Spill, "Randy Described Eternity"- Apparently the Randy who inspired the lyrics was a professional rodeoer. At the prime of his career, an especially rambunctious beast bucked him high in the sky, knocking him out and sending him to meet his maker, but Randy's maker wasn't ready and when Randy regained consciousness he described what eternity was like. I made that up, but I can get away with it because this song speaks for itself. I'd give it a ten, which aptly reflects that a better song than this shan't be recorded, but a ten also imposes limits on mankind's possibilities, which I don't like to do.

5. Primus, "You Can't Kill Michel Malloy"- If I calculated a ratio of how frequently I listened to a band in high school to how frequently I listen now, Primus would have the biggest discrepancy, but I get a kick out of the once or twice a year I dabble back. They still suck.

6. The Yardbirds, "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl"- I have the entire Eric Clapton boxed set on my 'Pod. I don't know why either. Is it heresy to say I think he's a little overrated? I think he's only written a handful of great songs (don't get me wrong, "Layla" is the triple truth), and many of those were co-written. He's a great guitar player, sure, but this rock fan thinks songwriting's the more difficult rock task. Just sayin'.

7. Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf, "Ice Cream Truck"- Biggie, Tupac… Charizma? Yep, Charizma. Broseph was struck down on the cusp of greatness. This is from the How to Wow Your Friends With Old School Hip Hop collection, another hotiferous Reid recommendato.

8. LCD Soundsystem, "Beat Connection"- Every few years an electronic/dance/house album comes along that moves me. This was the most recent. I am currently moving. Are you? Touch my thigh.

9. Solomon Burke, "I Stayed Away Too Long"- I think soul music is the closest thing we have to the Force. Solomon hasn't seen his bitch in a long time, and he comes back to get some more lovage, and she wants to say, "Hell, no. You done left me for the last time." But then he sings, "I stayed away too long," and she says, "Oh, all right. You can go ahead and stick it in my butt if you want." And he does. And then he leaves her for a long time again.

10. The Fiery Furnaces, "Chris Michaels"- Ooh, one of their best cuts. Eleanor lives near me and I saw her at a show once. I see where people see that she's the hot indie chica these days, but she kinda looks like she's fifteen, which makes her and Franz dude a perfect match because he looks seventeen. If it's statutory rape for an adult to have sex with a minor, is it legal for two minors to get it on? The elder of the two must not look forward to turning eighteen. That's not related to The Fiery Furnaces. Or me. It was a Trivial Pursuit question.


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