Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dr. Milton von Fünkdoctorspock, June 13, 2006

1. Gang of Four, "5.45"- Praise Allah for the few bands who figured out how to make punk music that didn't sound like all the other punk music. 5.45 actually refers to the time 5:45, which tells you this gang's not from these United States, which means their World Cup team probably hasn't looked like a pile of cute little kitty feces. Anyone know if it’s difficult to get Brazilian citizenship before July 9?

2. Smashing Pumpkins, "Spiteface"- One of the stronger unreleased, pre-Gish tracks. The reunion is officially on, by the by, and while I am officially okay with that, Fünkdoctorspock circa 1995 had to throw away the pants he had on when he heard that. I predict the Pumpkins next album will be better than the Pixies. Apparently James Iha lives near me, which begs the question of what I would say to him if I bumped into him. “So, that A Perfect Circle album you played on was pretty good….”

3. Bedrock, "For What You Dream Of For What You Dream Of (Full on Renaissance Mix)"- It just took me two minutes to capture the title of the song as it scrolled across the 'Pod screen. Is that a typo from CDDB? The song title repeated? Regardless, perfect song for Trainspotting, which means Fünkdoctorspock doesn't listen to it much, i.e. doesn’t do H… much.

4. The Beatles, "Cry Baby Cry"- I heard Lennon dedicated this one to Paul. Isn't it a little hard to believe those guys ever got along? Lennon's my number one choice of dead musicians I wish was still around. He sure as hell wouldn't be doing Super Bowl halftime shows if he was. Or divorcing one-legged former models. Also, Wings really sucked. A lot.

5. The White Stripes, "Forever for Her (Is Over For Me)"- If I was a superstar diesel trucka, I'd have to be pretty tight knit with someone to be willing to buddy up with them away from my nine-to-five to let them ride my coattails into the limelight. Hello, Raconteurs! Benson’s said he finally found his calling with his group and would like to do the band for the rest of his career. If he somehow convinces Jack to buy into that, he’ll be a modern day Yoko. Just enjoy it while you can, BB.

6. Death Cab for Cutie, "A Lack of Color"- This was bound to happen. I describe them as “wuss rock,” which I think fits them to a tee (even Jewel wouldn’t have called a song “Soul Meets Body”). Considering that, I listen to them remarkably often. There, I said it. Now get off my back.

7. Pavement, "Type Slowly"- Listening to Pavement makes me think, “If I was in a band I would want it to be like Pavement.” Music’s a rock and their popularity hit a perfectly modest peak. Me and Jimmy saw them in high school, but speaking for myself, I was too young and naïve to think much of them. As for regrets, I’ve had a few… namely this and leaving my retainer on my cafeteria tray in elementary school.

8. Elliott Smith, "Angeles"- You know how some songs make you want to jump out your chair and shake your rump? “Rump Shaker,” for example? This song’s like the opposite of that, but in a totally fantastic way. Best described as… beautifully ruminative.

9. Miles Davis & John Coltrane, "Ah-Leu-Cha"- It sounds so easy. “Improvise? You mean make shit up as I go along??? Hell yes I can do that!” But when I do it, it never sounds quite as good as this. What gives?

10. Travis, "Last Train"- I can already tell the In the Mix shufflology has improved my ‘Pod potency, but this is a straggler. I personally guarantee it won’t be eligible for next week’s mix.


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(even Jewel wouldn’t have called a song “Soul Meets Body”)

That's classic.

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