Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dr. Milton von Fünkdoctorspock, Summer Solstice, 2006

Is nothing fucking sacred? Two straight entries from Big Milty Milt, and though it's giving the people what they want, wtf Jimmy and Reid? Priorities!

1. The Beastie Boys, “Unite”- Sure the B-Boys have many great hit records. Sure they’ve done so well that they only need to put an album out every eight years and tour every forty-three. But… are they happy? I mean really happy…. Related: if you haven’t seen the best concert film of all-time, Fade to Black, you must. There’s a part in which Michael Diamond visits Jay-Z and Rubin in the studio that is ab fab.

2. Wilco, “Love Will Keep Us Together”- Bootlegging w/ their New Year’s MSG show (w/ the Flaming Lips and Sleater-Kinney) from a couple years past. Chock full of dee-lite-ful covers like this a one. And though Jimmy oft makes the on point observation that Tweedy’s banter kills orphans, he actually drops some hilarity at this show. Chick throws her brassiere on stage and JT says, “Aw, and just when I was about to dedicate the next song to my wife.”

3. The Blood Brothers, “Shame”- I hate emo, which should mean I triple hate scream-o, right? Negative. There concert is a good place to feel like the oldest person in the room. I don’t think I’d seen moshing in ten years, so I absolutely leveled a sixteen-year-old. She had it coming.

4. Blur, “Lot 105”- Albarn’s one of the most talented musicians on the planet right now. Nary a bad track on Blur’s or Gorillaz’s last album.

5. Blackalicious, “Rhymes for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind”- What a great group name. I think it means they like chocolate. I like chocolate too.

6. Sebadob, “Prince-S”- Puns rock! This has fallen back into the rotation ever since Milty caught the Dinosaur Jr. reunion blowout and realized firsthand how amazingly Barlow shreds the bass. If you put a kitten next to his amp and turned it up to eleven, the kitten would explode.

7. NIN, “We’re In This Together”- #1 all-time glad-this-guy-kicked-his-substance-issues act. [with_teeth] is Trenton’s tautest album, and he says without the booze he’ll churn albums out more often. While we’re on the subject of #1 all-time: the live show… oh my, the live show. There is no excuse for any band having poor live sound quality given how well NIN does it.

8. Sigur Ros, “Meo Bloonasir”- Mrg pflstx blftn. That’s my made up language. It means, “Can you believe this weather we’ve been having? Really great, right? Want to play some volleyball?” What can I say, it’s an efficient language. There are a bunch of accent marks I left off Sigur’s song title.

9. Handsome Boy Modeling School, “The Runway Song”- I wonder what it was like to pitch a concept album about one episode of a funny but unsuccessful episode of Chris Elliot’s show Get a Life. Dan and Paul must have gotten about a $4.25 advance. God bless whoever green lighted it.

10. A Tribe Called Quest, “Separate/Together”- Why do groups do thirty-second songs? Especially rap groups with three members. You can always think of more verses. Restraint is a gift so few know….

Yes! A first w/ no awful entries. Project 'Pod Ethnic Cleansing is going as planned....


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