Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Jimmy Saffron, June 27, 2006

Monday Morning – Pulp, from “Different Class”

Pulp. Music to trim your pencil-thin mustache by.

Burning Airlines Give You So Much More – Brian Eno, from “Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy)”

If Jarvis Cocker is your handsy uncle who can’t keep his hands to himself, Brian Eno is the really conceited uncle who makes you feel stupid whenever you try to talk to him.

I Can’t Wait – Luna, from “Lunapark”

Luna was my favorite band for a good long time. I just watched the documentary about their farewell tour, called “Tell Me Do You Miss Me.” It made me cry and think about death. I’m paraphrasing the movie, but losing Luna really was like losing a friend.

Speaking of losing band/friends, Sleater-Kinney broke up today. Mad props, ladies. You’se was something else.

Won – Beta Band, from “Hot Shots II”

First time I’ve ever listened to this song, and I’m delighted to report it samples Nilsson. And is that Lyrics Born on vocals? Holy shit, I’m planning a party just so I can play this song.

Let’s Go – The Feelies, from “The Squid & The Whale” Original Soundtrack

Long time ago, when I was working as a PA on an independent film in NY, I spent a lot of time driving around this filthy rental van full of tables, chairs, coolers, stuff like that. I shared these duties with a friend, and we took turns playing CD’s on the portable jukebox I brought with me in the van. I remember she’d wince whenever I put on the Feelies. She called them “the Touchy-Feelies” which I thought was clever, and totally appropriate. She didn’t mean it as a compliment, but that’s how I took it. Water into wine, people.

It’s a M********** – Eels, from “Daisies of the Galaxy”

I resisted the Eels for a long time, but this record won me over. It is, as a friend of mine would say, “poignant as hell.”

Headache – Jackson and His Computer Band, from “Smash”

I wish this song was simple and quiet so I didn’t have to say that it indeed gave me a headache.

Oh Mandy – Spinto Band, from “Nice and Nicely Done”

And The Rod Stewart Award for Best Use of Mandolin goes to…

When The Sun Goes Down – Arctic Monkeys, from “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not”

I defer to Jeffrey when it comes to the subject of Arctic Monkeys.

4000 Days – Luna, from “Luna Live”

I saw Luna in concert eight times, in five different cities. Not that I’m nostalgic or anything.


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