Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dr. Milton von Fünkdoctorspock, June 28, 2006

1. Andrew Lloyd Webber, “Think of Me” from The Phantom of the Opera

Alright, listen: for a ten-year-old kid who’s taken to a number of plays/musical by the fam, one with a mysterious monster, big budget special fx and some ripping synth work, paid off in spades. Also of note: I’ve never had sexual relations with a man. It needed to be said.

2. A Putumayo Blend, “Soltarlo”

This one’s part of a DVD (yeah, DVD, a.k.a. enough tunes to overfill a nano) full of Latin Music I received from a Caucasian friend. I don’t anticipate familiarizing myself with all of it until at least 2012, but generally speaking there’s good stuff going down south of the equator. If you’re in NYC and don’t go to the free Jose Gonzalez/Seu Jorge show at Central Park Summerstage this Sunday, you, my friend, is the craziest!

3. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, “Shhh”

As much as I hate skits, I love albums with hilarious ads for the album (like this from Xtra-Acme USA) or faux previews of next albums (Built to Spill’s There’s Nothing Wrong With Love).

4. Nat King Cole, “A Portrait of Jenni”

Wow, four tracks I never listen to. Lovely. Nat’s one of those artists who I know is good, but my tastes just don’t swing that way quite yet and I know I’ll be listening to a lot of this when I’m 40+. It’s like layaway: I’m avoiding the hassle of taking it off the ‘Pod now because I know I’ll just add it back in ten years.

5. Chad Vangallen, “Kill Me in My Sleep”

Holy shep! Who stole Milty’s ‘Pod? Five songs I don’t listen to, but a disclaimer here: this one came from Jimmy, and it was recent, and I just haven’t gotten to it yet. But I did listen once and liked it. And like this. Which means this is going straight to heavy rotation, which means we’re getting somewhere. Hey Jimmy, any reason that last disc you sent only had this one song? “You’re gonna kill me in my sleep. You’ll slit my throat and drink my blood. You’ll step back and watch me bleed. And then you’ll make a clean escape.” You trying to tell me something? Word. I can dig it.

6. Moby, “I Like It”

This is from Hotel, a.k.a. Play Take III. I don’t ever anticipate listening to this song again (too LSD-y). I don’t have a huge problem with my man throwing it into neutral since Play given that was such a dynamite record, but don’t expect me to vociferously support it. Each album since has had fewer songs I like, and at that pace…. A few weeks ago I saw Moby host a variety show with hilarious author Jonathan Ames. It was highly entertaining. If you’re lucky, it will one day become a television show, which is their intention. The dancing, lip-synching puppet was my favorite.

7. Public Enemy, “Mind Terrorist”

Flava Flav is still making more money than you. How do you feel about that? He was the ODB of his generation, which gives us one more reason to mourn the loss of Russell Jones: ODB of Love on VH-1. I’d have watched.

8. Nirvana, “Endless, Nameless”

This is the hidden track on Nevermind, which is the most important album of my life. Yes, I am one of those people. What of it? The first CD I ever bought was Richard Marx’s Right Here Waiting, and as you can see I was right there waiting for something to kick my ass into normalcy, and Nevermind was that something. Right album + right time = decades of hiposity. Nirvana’s a big reason I felt terrible for teens of the late nineties. Who did they have to turn to? Limp Bizkit? What is a limp biscuit? I don’t know, but I don’t want one.

9. Apocalypse Now, “P.B.R. (Dialogue) (Explicit)”

It actually says “explicit” on the CDDB! Nice. This is Sheen’s introduction to his platoon. My favorite ‘Nam flick, but I never listen to the dialogue track from the soundtrack.

10. James Brown, “King Heroin”

This song explains so much. So, so much.

It would be impossible for this Mix to less accurately reflect what I listen to on a daily basis. I look like one of those douches who answers the question, “What kind of music do you listen to?” with, “All kinds. I also don’t support war… or eating meat… or getting a job that requires me to pay taxes.” That answer is akin to telling Milty, “This conversation is over.”


Blogger Jimmy Saffron said...

That JSBX track deserves to be quoted in full.

"After making rock history with Orange, and after the mind-blowing Now I Got Worry, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion have returned with their heaviest recording to date, ACME. A record so now, so ahead of its time, it cannot be released by law until October 20th.

ACME is the best record of 1998. And 1999. It's simply that good.

ACME is guaranteed to make you forget all about your poseur, cry-baby hairbands like the Goo Goo Dolls and Garbage. And it may even stop you from worrying about whether the Backstreet Boys are really back, or if they were ever really here to begin with.

Don't you think it's time to find out what all the fuss about? To find out why Judah Bauer plays his guitar with such fiery passion, that it makes grown men weep and sometime makes their hair fall out."

It's like Reid wrote it.

10:51 PM  
Blogger Dr. Milton von Fünkdoctorspock said...

ACME is the best record of 1998. And 1999. It's simply that good.

Doubly funny because it's true.

And triply funny because though any old announcer voice would've done fine, this guy nails it. He gives it the loungey, man-in-robe-with-highball-of-fine-scotch twang that says, "When I'm not doing my job, which is to say this, I'm banging broads by the fistful." Also, he has a mustache.

8:36 AM  

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