Friday, June 30, 2006

Jimmy Saffron - June 30, 2006

These Little Monkeys - Jonathan Fire Eater, from “Wolf Songs For Lambs”

Damn good song to start a mix with. Aesthetically and otherwise. Long slow fade in to a driving snare and organ. These guys broke up, only to form one of my favorite bands:


Lena Horne Still Sings Stormy Weather - Thelonius Monster

This band’s slight but endearing sound screams “midwest.” The lead singer has some weird back story where he found out when he was like twenty that his sister had raised him pretending to be his mother.

They also have a song called “Sammy Hagar Weekend” which is, as the title might suggest, ricockulously good.

Argument – Fugazi, from “The Argument”

Whoa. This list just got a lot more serious.

And important.

Just kidding, I love Fugazi. But I never got to see them live, and I’ll always hold that against them. The one chance I had to see them, my car broke down. I know that’s not their fault, but Ian MacKaye’s one of those guys who always makes you feel like a lesser human just because every fucking breath you take on this earth isn’t in service of some Peter and Goliath type cause. He’s the kind of guy you look to hold something against.

Did I mention I’m a fan?

Sister, Do You Know My Name? - The White Stripes, from “De Stijl”

This song is about grade school, which I guess if you’re Jack White, is like the Ol’ Faithful of musical inspiration.

If I had to write a song about grade school, I’d call it, “Blood on the Carpet, Carpet on the Wall.”

Bar Italia – Pulp, from “Different Class”

Three chords of this song are enough to cause spontaneous fop-bustion.

Dazed and Confused - Led Zeppelin, from “Led Zeppelin I”

Hey, Woman. What did Robert Plant ever do to you, to make you treat him so bad? Listen to him. That man is in pain.

Santa Claus Is Weird – Idaho, from “Levitate”

Why does Jeff Martin hate Christmas?

I think I’ve pushed Idaho on both Reid and the Doctor, to no avail. Their loss.

Her Majesty - Beatles, The, from “Abbey Road”

The reason the band name appears as “Beatles, The” above is because that’s how I was raised to organize my iTunes. Also I change all my solo artists to display last name first.

For example: “Francis, Connie”

By the way, I don’t listen to Connie Francis.

I am Connie Francis.

Brockwell Park - Red House Painters, from “Ocean Beach”

Knowing Mark Kozalek, I wouldn’t be surprised is this was a cover of some obscure Kiss song.

Come Back Margaret - Camera Obscura, from “Let's Get Out of This Country

This song marshals all kinds of instruments to advance its twee-ish cause. Can’t…resist. Hands…entering…pockets. Eyes…turning…downward…Shirtsize…dwindling.

This is my first post written while drunk. How’d I do?


Blogger Junk Jackson said...

Are you kidding? I've been listening to Idaho since freshman year in college...and we even had a bonding moment over them. You don't even remember. If my tears short out my computer and I die, I now know to will my Idaho albums to Dr. Funkylickin'doctor.

I still put 'Goldenseal' from the Forbidden EP on all my mixes and bought the out-of-print 'Three Sheets to the Wind' on vinyl for the guy who first introduced me to them (Ryan Stahl).

And...ohmygod! You're not my dad! Where's my real dad?! Help!

2:50 PM  
Blogger C. said...

Three chords of this song are enough to cause spontaneous fop-bustion.


9:42 PM  

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