Wednesday, July 26, 2006

JIMMY SAFFRON - July 26, 2006

1. Springsteen, Bruce – “My Father’s House,” from Nebraska

How good is Nebraska? So good it could babysit your kids. So good it saved Superman’s life. So good it took away the sins of the world, leaving only one. That sin is not owning Nebraska.

2. The Rolling Stones – “Paint It, Black,” from Aftermath

This is the song that made “air sitar” a common sight at rock concerts.

I was recently introduced to a drink called “The Keith Richards.” It’s a double shot of Maker’s Mark mixed with beer.

3. Lady Sovereign – “A Little bit of Shhh,” from Vertically Challenged

I imagine this music to be wholly offensive to anyone over the age of 45. They simply wouldn’t understand how you could call it “music.” It’d be like you served them a plate piled high with shit and called it filet mignon.

That said, I like Lady Sovereign. From this, you can guess that I’m under 45. You can also guess that never, under any circumstances, would I eat my own shit. I don’t care what fancy name you slap on it.

In the interest of honesty, however, I will admit to occasionally enjoying the smell of my own farts.

(Bonus points to Reid and the Doc if they can tell me who I stole that line from).

4. Sound Defects – “Double Down,” from Sound Defects, Vol. 2

You can purchase this and other slabs of raw funkiness here. Proceeds go toward my next birthday present.

5. Cat Power – “The Moon” from The Greatest

Not to be confused with “The Streak,” a Ray Stevens classic. The Stevens track is about a streaker, and in between the chorus Stevens pretends to be a news reporter interviewing his victims at the scene. The joke is that the victim at all three scenes is the same hayseed married couple. Stevens does all the voices and, man oh man, is it a hoot.

Phew. I mean, it’s funny. “The Streak” that is. Not this song. Nothing funny here. No goofy names or silly voices. Like I said, no reason to confuse the two.

6. Gee, Marsha – “Peanut Duck,” from Girl Group Sounds Lost and Found (One Kiss Can Lead to Another)

This is one of those songs named after a dance, where the singer brags how everyone is doing said dance, then gives you a hint how to get started doing it yourself. Here’s a sampling of the lyrics:

Gee-gee-gee/gee-gee-gee/quack quack quack/da quackie/a geegie go go/sheegie/quaky/a gee gee/quacky


7. Springsteen, Bruce – “Reno,” from Devils & Dust

I can’t wait until I’m 42 and this is my favorite Springsteen song. Oh wait, yes I can.

8. Idaho – “Here To Go,” from Year After Year

I heard the state of Idaho requested permission to use this song as the theme for their yearly Potato Festival. Jeff Martin said no. Say what you want, dude’s got integrity.

Fun quiz time: Only 6 of 31 words used above have any connection to what we know as reality. Can you guess which ones?

9. Banhart, Devendra – “Santa Maria Da Feira,” from Cripple Crow

I really wish someone would translate this song’s lyrics into English. It sounds fun and sexy. Also I’m kind of hoping “lady-daddy-daddy” translates to “fuddy-duddy-duddy” in English.

Why? Because it’d be funny.

10. John, Elton – “Goodbye,” from Madman Across The Water

My life just got 45% more poignant, and this mix just got 65% more awesome. Scientists call this the “Madman Effect.” Shit is proven.


Blogger Junk Jackson said...

You got that line from Matt Dunn.

Truth is, we all got that line from Matt Dunn.

5:20 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Saffron said...

You are correct. Congratulations.

"Miami Vice" opens in theatres this Friday.

6:32 PM  

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